Friday, March 6, 2009

Retire my Jersey

This morning while trying to get Ryan ready for school I told him that this year daddy would be taking him to buy new springtime clothes. He thought that when I said "you boys will be going shopping for clothes" I ment Grandpa too. I explained that if that happened, Ryan would be the only adult on the trip and he thought that was really funny. He was ready to go get new jersey's (because, let's face it if he and daddy go shopping we all know that will be the only thing they buy) today. I told him that we have to wait and try on his old clothes to see what will fit. He then asked what we would do with the old jersey's that are too small. I explained that we would pass them onto another little boy who might be able to use them. He was kind of bothered by the idea of someone else wearing his precious jersey's and then asked if we could just keep them and hang them on the walls of his room! I guess he thinks we need to retire each of his jersey's :)

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