Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The boy who cried wolf....

Tonight on the way home from Ryan's baseball game I caught him not telling the truth about taking the straw out of his sister's drink. Telling little untruths has become a habit for him, so I started to tell a choppy version of the boy who cried wolf. I don't really remember the original version, but told in my version, I said there was a little boy who was a sheep farmer and he was supposed to watch the sheep and keep them safe from the wolf. He would pretend the wolf was coming and cry out and people would come to help and he would laugh. Then I told him that one day a wolf really came, but because he had pretended and told untruths so often, no one believed him and they didn't come to help save his sheep and the wolf ate them. Ryan looks at me after the story and says "well the sheep should have stayed safe in the barn.". Allie then starts making sheep/horse type noises to add effect. Then Ryan considers the situation for a moment and asks me how many sheep there were. I responded with 15. He then begins to wonder how the wolf could eat 15 sheep. Then he starts to feel sad for the sheep who were eaten and scared that it might be a true story and that sheep in the area are in danger of being eaten by a wolf!! Somehow he missed the point of the story (even after I repeatedly explained what I was trying to tell him about how it can be harmful to tell untruths).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ryan's Biggest fans.

I thought this was Ryan's biggest fan.
But after a week long visit from grandma & grandpa, I think the little fan above may have some competition!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disco Time - fun in the dark!

Ryan thinks the blue and yellow one below looks like a jellyfish!

This morning the kids found a package of unused glow necklaces and bracelets that were stuffed in a storage drawer in the laundry room. They then spent quite a while dancing in our small dark downstairs bathroom together while wearing the necklaces. Not wanting to miss the action, I joined them and snapped a few fun photos!

New family photo

We finally updated our family photo!
I want to thank my dad for helping us out with this photo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watching my son play tea party with my daughter is like watching a bull have a tea party with a princess. Every time the china tea set is touched by Ryan (AKA the bull) I brace myself for the sound of clanking and possibly breaking china! Ryan is much better off with a bat or ball in his hand than he is with a tea cup! :)

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Neat site

I change my mind frequently about my decor style, room arrangements and items used within my overall decorating design. I love have found a new love for re-purposing old items (it's eco friendly AND easy on the budget!). This website has some amazing inspiration for making old "junk" into some neat items.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camper of the day

Today was the third day of Basketball camp. Ryan has been improving each day and his scores for different contests have gotten better each time! He has really enjoyed the camp and is looking forward to another camp in mid July. Today he was named the Gatorade camper of the day for his group.

It's tough being a beauty queen

Allie wanted a haircut and needed a haircut. So after picking Ryan up at basketball camp, the kids and I headed to Bartlesville to get haircuts for both of them. Usually we just go to the mall and stop in somewhere to get their haircuts. This time we found a place that does kids cuts. Ryan got to play a video game while getting his haircut and Allie watched some TV while getting her haircut. Actually, she watched TV until she started to doze off and slip forward. Then I had to get into the chair and hold her on my lap while they finished cutting her hair. The poor little thing had been so excited to get her haircut and pulled up into piggies then, she fell asleep before they could finish. When her haircut was getting started, she kept reminding the styliest that she wanted 2 piggies. I ended up holding her head so they could finish cutting her bangs and then made sure the put 2 piggies into her hair. When she woke up I don't know if she realized her hair was in piggies. Later in the evening we went up to her room so she could change her clothes and she looked in her mirror and exclaimed "look at my piggies".

Cute Campers

Jeff set up the a tent for the kids tonight. They thought it was great and quickly moved in! I don't think I will see them inside much these next few days. And, look out grandpa, Ryan already has plans for the two of you to sleep in the tent when you visit.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ryan at Basketball camp

Ryan got to attend his first day of basketball camp today. He is the youngest at the camp and is in a group with boys and girls who are 4-5 years older than him. Jeff went to the gym a couple of times and peeked in to check on him. Allie and I came to pick him up a little early so I could get a few photos of him at camp. Apparently he did very well and was a good camper.

Here are a few shots from his time at camp today.