Saturday, March 7, 2009

365 Day 1

5 Hobbies/Activities I love, attempt and appreciate the chance to do. I read about the 365 days of grace project and thought I might give it a try. I might even make it longer than I did on the 365 day photo project! I selected an easy 5 to start with. To read more about the 365 days of grace idea, click on the logo/symbol on the right bar in this blog.

1.) Blogging & reading other blogs
2.) photographing EVERYTHING ~ People, food, nature, etc.
3.) Digital Scrapbooking
4.) Listening to music - Especially enjoyable when I am driving alone and can turn the radio up and sign at the top of my lungs like I am a superstar.
5.) Reading. I read all types of books (self improvement, fiction, non-fiction, etc) and LOVE my magazines. I think I now subscribe to and purchase about 30 different magazines a month (Parenting magazines, family and home magazines, craft and scrapbooking magazines, fitness, nutrition and/or cooking magazines ~ you name the topic and a magazine on that topic has probably come in my mailbox during the past month!).

** Please note, my hubby would say that shopping, browsing, deal hunting should be the top activity/hobby on my list, but in reality that is more of an obsession and probably should not be considered a hobby. More like a sickness or disease :)An old photo or Ryan and I having fun for the camera one evening in February 2008

~ Jennifer

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