Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cleaning and changing

If you look closely in the bottom right corner you will see Ryan's fingers. He was being silly and kept trying to jump in the front of the shot. I still need to clean off and organize the book shelves, but I think after traveling around the house to many different rooms, I have finally found a home for them. I just need to add a picture or something above the chest on the wall between the two bookcases and it should look complete!

Once again I cleaned the playroom and changed things around in the house! Big suprise. I think I finally like how the dining area is arranged now that I have moved these shelves around the house about 50 times.

Date night for mom & Ryan

A tired Princess after dancing all evening!

She is not faking. Daddy carried her in and dropped her on the couch. I undressed her, took her flowers off and undid her hair. I then carried her up to bed and she stayed asleep.

Ryan's Picture of Jeff and I.

After Jeff and Allie left for their daddy daughter dance, Ryan and I got dressed up for our date/not a date night (Ryan didn't want me to call our outing a "date" but he did want to get dressed up like Allie and Daddy had done.). Ryan insisted on wearing a tie and since I had no clue how to tie it, we visited Howard and Connie to have Howard help us. Connie also took our picture so we could show you how we look all dressed up.

We ended up going to Pizza Hut and then came home and played card games for a while until daddy brought home a tired little princess who danced until the entire night, had a blast and then fell asleep on the way home.

Daddy Daughter Dance Photos

Allie was beyond excited about the daddy daughter dance! Daddy gave her a bath and then I dried and styled her hair (up in a pony at her request) while daddy showered. She kept grinning and giggling while I helped her get ready. She got to wear my make up and really like the blush, lip gloss and eye shadow I put on her. We then put on her party dress, tights and sparkly shoes long with her faux fur cape. She was spinning and dancing for us. Daddy gave her the flowers for her wrist and she was sooo proud! It was too cute. :)

My date and I are going to get dressed up (at his request - he even wants a tie) and go out to dinner. He mentioned the Country Club, but I think he then changed his mind and wants to go to Pizza Hut. We will try to get a picture of our date and post it later.

Take a good look

Take a good look now, because soon this smile will be missing something. While I was in Tulsa last night shopping I talked to the kiddos on the phone and Ryan informed me that his bottom too wiggles. He is soooo very proud of the tooth wiggling and the idea that he will soon get his "big teeth". When I was talking to him, he didn't want to get off the phone. He kept telling his daddy "Just a minute, mom is asking me important questions about my tooth."

Tonight Ryan and I have our "Date" while Jeff and Allie go to the Daddy Daughter Ball. I have to go get her flowers this morning and then do her hair this afternoon. We will post pictures of each "couple" on Sunday!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Allie is innocent

Yeah! Keys are found. Allie is innocent and the keys were found at BlockBuster.

Final Calendar photos

The last 2 photos from our 2009 calendar (using our 2007-2008 photos)

MOre '07-'08 Photos

Since a calendar has 12 months there are more pages. I could only upload 5 at a time, so I will put the second set here and add the final 2 (see I can do the math!) in one more post.

Some old photos...

I made a calendar for 2009 last month and wanted to share some old photos from the '07-'08 year I dug up.


Missing keys.....

Even with a dirty face she seems innocent doesn't she. And with a shirt like Grandma's Angel who could even think that she might be have the missing keys!

My brain is missing. Last night I discovered I have misplaced my keys somewhere and so now I seem to spend all the time distracted looking for them, thus leading to distraction and misplacing other items and forgetting things! Jeff had to remind me that today was payday for both of us. And if you know me, I NEVER forget payday! :) I also almost forgot show and tell this morning. Hopefully I won't forget Ryan at preschool :)

I have gone over Wednesday in my mind a hundred times. I picked up the mail, picked Ryan up from preschool, ran to the accountants, ran to the dry cleaners and then stopped at the video store. I plan to start at the video store to see if I left them there.

I always laugh at those silly people who leave their keys behind. I mean, how did they drive off? Apparently with the spare set they also carry.

If I have not lost them at one of the places I went on Wednesday, I may have to start looking in Allie's stuff. She has had an obsession with my purse and wallet lately and is always trying to get a hold of them even though the purse is heavier than she is.

I have asked Allie if she knows where my keys are, but she doesn't seem to remember anything. Innocent as always :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring training...

With the nice weather we have been holding our spring training to get in shape for t-ball. Of course, we don't just use a Tee during our spring training, we MUST have pitches, AND we practice our catching, pop up balls, etc.

Allie has been getting better at hitting the wiffle ball pitched to her and Ryan is doing awesome with his spring training. They have also been taking turns soooo nicely :) when out at "batting practice".

As you can see in the photos, we have had a few spectators at our practices ~ we voted not to hold "closed" practices since we know the fans can't wait for our season to start :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta love new toys with lots of pieces!

Jeff went shopping for my Birthday yesterday. O.K. not really shopping, he walked across the street from his office to the drug store/gift shop and purchased a couple of small things for me. No, it was not Ben Gay or any "old" people prescription drugs now that I am thirty. I was given a nice reed diffuser and a beautiful windchime (from the kids).

While on his massive shopping trip, Jeff picked up a gift for each of the kids, um, hellO? My Birthday? He bought them each Melissas and Doug puzzle with many pieces. Ryan's is a US puzzle so I am guessing it has at least 50 pieces (ya know, one for each state). ;)

Just want to say thanks, baby for the great gifts and the wonderful presents for the kiddos. Mama's gonna get a great work out this week on the floor picking up all those pieces! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wiffle ball

Jeff came home a little early this afternoon and we ended up playing a family wiffle ball game in the back yard for a little while before going out to dinner for my birthday. It was beautiful and a great game (except for when I got nailed in the face by a bad pitch - OUCH! A plastic ball can hurt!). We had 2 wiffle balls and are now down to one ball thanks to a catch by Buster that he then refused to give back to us! The kids and I chased him for quite a while (the dog thought it was a great game) while Jeff stood on the deck drinking a beer and watching the action (I think we probably looked like unsuccessful calf ropers) and laughing at us. Our game ended when Buster got ahold of the second ball. We did get it away from him, but decided to call the game because we were too tired from chasing the dog and didn't want have to do that anymore if he "fielded" another ball!