Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wear your party dress daily

Allison has taught me MANY things including one VERY important lesson. No matter what you are doing EVERY DAY is a day to wear your fanciest party dress. For example, pictured above is Allison wearing her new Easter dress outside to play football with her dad and brother. After all, it is important to feel like a princess even when tackling and scoring touchdowns.

Tooth is GONE

Two months after Ryan kicked his front tooth while practicing his goal kicking, it is finally OUT! The tooth had been wiggly but was barely hanging on once he kicked it. However, it took 2 months and finally a trip to the dentist to ditch that upper front tooth for good. I think he looks so cute without his tooth!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So, does your mother have a daughter?

Allison was doing my hair tonight and playing beauty salon. When she plays beauty salon she likes to make "small talk" like the hairdressers do when they cut her hair. So I was sitting on the floor while she yanked on my hair and sprayed it with water. She asked me if I wanted my hair styled up or down, flipped out or in, etc. Then she paused and said "So, does your mother have a daughter?" She sounded just like a grown up and it was hilarious! I told her that yes, my mother had a daughter. Then she asked me what the name of my mother's daughter was. I told her it was Jennifer. She didn't get it, but it was so cute I had to hold back giggles.