Saturday, March 7, 2009

365 Day 2

O.K. for my second edition of 365 days of grace I am going to cheat and write about 1 topic ~ Facebook and include 5 things on that topic that I LOVE!
As a stay at home mommy with no real life outside of preschool, playdates and kidde TV facebook has become my social networking addiction. The following parts of facebook fascinate me.
1.) I find it interesting to see how many friends the people I know have. I once heard that Facebook caps your friend list at 5000 people. I am only imagining how many of those stupid little news feeds I would have to read if I had anywhere near the 5000 friend mark. It might seem kind of high school(ish) to compare friend count, but I do find it interseting to see who has accumuliated major friend numbers.
2.) Speaking of those little news feeds. It amuses and amazes me what people post on their news feeds. Apparently my friends take great pleasure in letting the world know they are clean (ex: ???? is taking a shower), that they sleep (ex: ???? is going to bed), they have clean teeth/healthy bodies (ex: ???? is at the Doctor, dentist, Gyno, etc) or that they do their shopping (ex: ??? is at the Fill in store name here). The thing that leaves me the most confused is the posts about sleeping or showering. I mean, really, come on do we really think they are posting on facebook from the SHOWER! I am thinking that if these people really are updating their status while in the shower they are a bigger face book addict than me and am feeling quite smug because I must have more of a life than they do. However on second thought, I am the one sitting there reading their facebook status of being in the shower, so maybe my life really isn't that exciting.
3.) The third thing that tickles me about facebook are the photos and the whole tag someone in a photo thing. Profile pictures some people select crack me up! I mean do I really want to see a "sexy pose" picture of someone or a photo of their cat/dog/fish/kids, etc. The back in the day photos are also quite hilarious. Many of those photos should be locked up, or better yet, burned. I am sure I have some old photos of former friends and classmates from back in the day that could be used as great blackmail material.
4.) Item four that brings me great facebook joy are the "virtual" gifts people give. I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought and symbolism behind the sex on the beach drink that is sent my way. But, really now, I would be much more giddy about the appearance of the individual on my door step, blender in hand with Strawberry flavored Master of Mixes, Ice and Alchcol. I mean there "ain't nothing like the real thing baby", right?
5.) The final thing I find really funny about facebook are "groups" created and joined by people or the things people are "fans of" I believe I am part of many of these interesting groups. My question is how do people come up with these groups and why am I really a part of a group called "max and ruby where are your parents". Really, Where are Max and Ruby's parents. That is another post all together, but I find it interesting that someone found the time to start this group and other people found it a group the needed to join! I am wondering what my social networking status says about me when I am part of groups like the secret society of moms who have to go out and drink. And on the topic being a fan of something, how about jumping on over to facebook and logging in to become a fan of drinking or join the 901 people who are fans of eating. I guess the rest of us on the facebook network aren't really that into eating. Or, better yet, I highly recommend doing a seach for breathing and becoming one of the 32,000 plus fans of this bodily function. I know my social status will be greatly elevated when I join these groups!

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