Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Mattress = Fun with Old Mattress

Last weekend EVERYONE in the house (even the dog) got new mattresses and box springs! I was sooo excited (now to just convince the kiddos to remain in their own beds for the ENTIRE night ~Somehow one or the other eventually winds up down in our bed before the night is over). The kids went from an ancient double (Ryan) and a few year old cheap queen (Allie) bed to brand spankin' new twin beds in cuuuute headboard/footboard combos that are HIGH off the ground!

We kept the queen for the guest room turned play room that is now going back to a guest room and are planning to haul the old double bed mattress and box spring off to the dump. The weather was turning nasty last Friday, so we placed the double bed box spring in the garage to await its trip to the dump.

Jeff being the thinker that he is, knew that it was going to be one of those stuck-inside-with -nothing-to-do type of weekends, so he suggested we keep the double bed mattress part inside and let the kids jump all over it on the living room floor.

That is just what we did and they had a BLAST!! above are some photos of them jumping and diving onto the mattress to catch a football.

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