Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beautiful Girl

I have to give a special thanks to Daddy & Grammy for getting Allie dressed like a princess twice this weekend! I know it wasn't always an easy chore, since Miss Allie can be stubborn and has a mind of her own sometimes, but she looked beautiful on both Saturday and Sunday!
I am very blessed to have both a healthy boy and a girl. Miss Allie is still my baby and I adore her even on the days she is a little challenging!
Ryan is a daddy's boy. A man's man who at times (usually when he is tired) can be a snuggly momma's boy. I am amazed at his caring heart and his athletic interest and ability. I love to observe the love and friendship he has with my parents and the speical bond he has with his daddy. The moments he shares his feelings and cuddles on my lap are not as frequent now that he is growning into a big boy, but that makes them extra special and I love it!
Miss Allie is a different story! She is momma's girl all the way!!!! Although it can be a chore keeping her in line, she has me (and grammy, daddy, grandpa, etc) amazed by her and wrapped around her little finger! :) Her little girl mannerisims. Her love of babies barbies, make up and hair. The way she tries to take after me! My little girl is going to be 3 soon and I can't believe it!
Time is moving too quickly and my babies are growing too fast.

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rkreller said...

I sadly agree that they are growing way too fast.