Saturday, April 4, 2009

"I shall Call him "squishy"

Unfortunately for the caterpillars in our area, Allie has gotten over her fear of touching and picking them up. The other day when she found one she had to hold it while it was resting on the stick and became hysterical when it crawled onto her hand.

Now, since daddy showed her they were harmless, she is picking them up and collecting them like crazy!

Today she was carrying one of her "friends" (as she calls them) around in her hand. The poor bug was pinched between her forefinger and thumb. She kept giggling exclaiming that it was wiggling its head! A few minutes later, while still carrying it around, she announced that she wanted to name her new caterpillar "squishy".

I didn't ask why she selected the name squishy for her new caterpillar but, for some reason, I don't think squishy is going to survive for long hanging out with Allie.

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