Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 IMPORTANT lessons learned today :)

Today I learned 2 important lessons.

1.) When using a latex enamel paint, you SHOULD NOT touch the brush/roller/paint bucket and try to scrub it out with water. This just WON'T WORK!!!! You will just end up with a very messy paint covered hand.

I learned this the hard way.

After a few moments of panic and some very nice comments from the kiddos (Apparently a hand COVERED in black paint doesn't look like a "mommy hand" to my kiddos. Instead it looks like a monster hand)

I finally got smart and read the back of the can. Well, let me tell you, the acetone and mineral spirits the can recommended, don't quite do the trick when your hand is plastered with paint.

The chemicals did manage to make me dizzy and clean my hands well enough to let me make a margarita (just kidding about that part I was already dizzy enough without the drink) then run to the computer and google another remedy. For those who are wondering, use olive oil and salt. Make a paste and rub it on your hands. Then rinse with hot water and dish soap. Not completely perfect, but did a good job to get most of it off and it was the nearest thing to a spa treatment that I have had for a while!

LESSON #1 ~ learned to day. Now on to Lesson #2.....

2.) DO NOT leave your children with your cell phone unattended! I was mowing the front lawn today while the kids were playing outside. My cell phone was in the garage on a table (next to the lovely cabinet I was painting before I messed up my hands with paint.). My phone rang and Ryan brought it out to me.

After I was done, I asked him to please "put the phone where it wouldn't get lost". Well, the pant's pocket of a five year old is not a place where the cell phone "won't get lost". I did notice Allie using the phone while she was driving her power wheels jeep. I saw Ryan holding the phone once in a while. I briefly wondered exactly who they were chatting with and hoped it wasn't 911!

When I was finished on the mower, I asked Allie (the person I saw with the phone last) where the phone was. She shrugged her shoulders and told me she didn't know. "I losted it" was the exact phrase in response to my question. After a massive search of the yard, the cell phone did reappear.

It was in the first place I should have looked and the exact same place I store my phone when I'm not using it ~ in the front compartment of the jeep under the hood.

In case you are wondering, they didn't call 911, but judging by the assorted numbers listed on the dialed calls part of the phone, I think they may have been having some interesting conversations with people in China!


rkreller said...

That is what you get for leaving the kids alone while you mowed!! This was funnier reading it than when you told us about it.

CLR said...

Oh, I'm laughing. You painted the picture well. I can relate with the paint and the cell phone. E dropped daddy's cell in a milkshake one time. On another occasion, I gave my cell to M to play with while on a walk and he dropped it along the way. We found it in a random yard when we retraced our steps. Recently, our baby girl gave my cell a bath in dirty mop water. However, I won't mention the time I backed over my own cell phone with the car in the Wal-Mart parking lot!