Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heeelloooo Spring!

I am not allowed to have a Mastercard anymore - You know ~ some problem with my loooove of shopping and lack of "charge it" restraint :)

But this would be my Mastercard commercial. Yesterday outside we saw noted some signs of Spring! Enjoy.
  • Fashionably late supper with kids that have dirty faces and clothes. $10+++
  • More floor cleaner to remove the footprints on my clean floor from kids tracking in dirt after playing outside - $5.00 +++
  • The return of our friends the small, black ants that always appear for a few days during the rainy spring months (I will be calling and pestering the exterminator more times than I do my husband over the next few days trying to get rid of these little pests!). - $50 ++
  • More stain remover for grass stains that will soon be appearing on the knees of little kid pants - $5.00 +++
  • Sign up from Summer Baseball - $20.00 +++
  • Gas for the Mower and Beer for My Hubby who is out in the hot sun $30.00+++
Watching spring reappear and my kids enjoy nature again - Priceless

Yesterday outside we saw noted some signs of Spring! Enjoy!
Look how cute these hands look holding those sticks with bugs on them! Miss Allie went hysterical when these little buggy guys (as she called them) crawled off the sticks and onto her! Even when big brother picked them off her and saved her she still wouldn't touch them! It was sooo cute! :)

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