Friday, April 24, 2009

Carnival Night

Tonight was the school carnival. The kiddos were VERY excited all day. We helped set up this afternoon for a couple of hours after lunch and both Ryan and Allie had the chance to scope things out and decide what games and prizes would be the best.

There were many things in town going on tonight including a speech by Bill Mills a former Olympic champion who Ryan got to meet tonight (Mr. Mills was super nice and posed for a photo with Ryan - I'll post that Saturday and even let Ryan wear his National Champion Ring ~ You can see it on Ryan's finger in the photo), but we were able to make it to the carnival at Ryan's school for a short period. Long enough for Allie and Jeff to win a cake at the cake walk. She is very proud of her cake and excited to eat it on Saturday. She talked about her cake and the cake walk several times during the evening and probably would have ate some cake tonight if she hadn't fallen asleep in the on the way home. Her cake has oreo cookies and cherries on the top. She informed me that the cookies are all hers.

Ryan enjoyed the hoop shoot game and did very well winning several prizes. He came away from the hoop shoot with a big inflatable basketball and a baseball as well as a big inflatable hammer.

A few trips to the duck pond and the fishing game and the country store and we had spent our tickets within a quick 30 minutes. The gym was hot and crowded so we left after the 30 minutes, grabbed our supper at the McDonald's and headed to the baseball fields for the night

The game wasn't all that great for our team, but the kids (especially Allie) enjoyed trailing after a stray, but friendly dog who had apparently been hanging out on campus all week and being taken care of by different college kids. The dog was beautiful, dirty and HUGE! He appeared to be a mix of St. Bernard and something else. He was the sweetest thing! Allie nicknamed him frisky but he really was very mellow. One baseball mom from our team fed the dog the chicken she had made her son for supper. We tried to convince Jeff to let us take the big friendly guy home, but he said "no" and wouldn't budge!

When we left the baseball fields at 9:30 the big ol' dog was laying up in the bleachers enjoying the cool breeze while the baseball team finished up the work on the field.

P.S. The photo of Ryan with Mr. Mills is the ONLY photo I snapped tonight because my camera battery died right after that. When we got to the carnival I realized the batteries were dead and so there are no videos or photos from the carnival :(


rkreller said...

Wow, what a day! Glad you had such a good but fast time at the carnival. The garage sale went great and you sold almost everything. Tell you what you got when we talk.
Opened up your page and was so excited to see the new post. Thanks.
Love, Mom

Michael Kreller said...

Please tell Allie that Grandad bought $10.00 worth of those Carnival Tickets and that I want my fair share of the cake that she won. C'mon fair is fair.


Michael Kreller said...

OK - Allie you can have all of the cake. Just don't share any with Buster. Love you all, and wish we could have been there.

Love Grandpa