Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tonight we had our first t-ball game. Jeff, Ryan and Allison practiced and prepared for their big game by hitting water balloons this afternoon. They had a blast. Next time I will have to break out my camera and get a few shots of them playing water balloon baseball.

Ryan was very excited about his first game and did so well! We are very proud of how he played and what a great teammate he was. I didn't get to snap too many photos of the game in action. This assistant coaching business requires my full attention and focus. I have to yell at kids, keep the from jumping and climbing on the dug out fence AND make sure they get up to bat in the correct order! I tell ya what, I am asking for a larger pay check next season smile Last year my duties as assistant coach were to run the camera, camcorder and keep lil' sis from making a mess with the water jug in the dugout. This year my duties are MUCH more challenging. Ryan's biggest fan, Allie, was also in attendance tonight wearing her lil' sis t-shirt with Ryan's number on it, but she was much more interested in the sand pile than she was in the baseball game. After the game we went and got ice cream to celebrate. In the car, we were discussing the game when Allie spoke up to tell us that she thought "the sand pile was the most funnest part of the game".

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