Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick Little Girl

Allie got sick last week with a head cold. It stopped bothering her when she passed it on to the rest of us. Then, Sunday after church she was VERY fussy and tired and feverish. She slept a lot and spent most of the afternoon in my arms resting. Monday she did the same thing until about 4 pm. when her fever crept up to 105 and she was crying that her neck hurt. Knowing it was too late in the day to get a doctors appointment, the boys dropped Allie and I off at the ER while they went to t-ball practice.

The ER staff at CRMC did such a wonderful job with our little princess! They worked very hard to make her feel less nervous and to bring her fever down quickly. Our nurse was so excellent :) We appreciated all her hard work to find ice chips, soda, jello, coloring books, toys, etc for Miss Allie! At first Allie was super nervous and unsure, but after our nurse took so much time to make her feel comfortable, she really settled in. It was amazing and wonderful to see Allie come back to her normal, healthy self!

My couple of hours in the ER made me sooo thankful for my normally healthy children. I can't even imagine how awful and difficult it would be to have a sick child who had to deal with hospitals and treatment on a regular basis! My heart goes out to those brave children and their families battling treatments in hospitals.

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