Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ryan's Mother's day present

Jeff brought home some Roses for my mother's day present from him. He also brought some outdoor flowers for the kids to give me. The card he picked out from the kids was a card that contained "credit" cards good for certain items such as help clearing the table, a nap (for me not them), etc. As I read the card from the kids out loud, Ryan started scrunching up his face to express his dislike for the items on the credit cards! Ryan also had a present for me that he had made in preschool. It is an adorable towel with his footprints and a picture drawn on it! They made his footprints look like people and the two people are holding hands! He said the people on the towel and the "Ryan and mom". Also enclosed in the gift from preschool was a paper with the following questions and Ryan's answers to the questions:

1.) What's your mom's name - Jennifer
2.) What does she do - Takes pictures
3.) How old is she - 36 (not quite right on this one!)
4.) What does daddy call mom - Honey
5.) What is her favorite color - Pink
6.) What is her favorite food - El Charro
7.) What is her favorite movie - The Bee movie (this was a "date" movie for Ryan and I last year).
8.) How many brothers and sisters does she have - One
9.) Where does she like to take you for fun - Park
10.) What message do you want to send her for Mother's Day - I love you!

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rkreller said...

How sweet for both of your boys to do. However, I think Ryan's was cuter. He does know his mommy (except her age). You will have to "take pictures" of the towel. Mom