Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swimming + Sunshine + T-ball = Summer??!!??

The sun shined today all day for the first time in about 12 days! After almost 2 solid weeks of rain, the kids begged me to let them swim the first time they saw the sun today. We started to get their old pool out, but the 3 air caps are missing. The last time I saw these, Buster had one in his mouth and I had to chase him down to get it back. So, I assumed trying to find the air caps was going to be a lost cause! After more begging from the kids, we loaded up and took a trip the store to get a new pool. The kids decided they needed to dress for the occasion. Already in their swimming suits, they pulled on t-shirts and cover ups and then added some unique accessories!
Once we got home, the kiddos spent the afternoon going down their little tykes slide and into the pool, while I spent the afternoon trying to stay dry and away from their splashing!

To finish off our nice day outside we headed to our t-ball practice!

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rkreller said...

Miss Allie knows how to pose. How cute.Mom