Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready for Preschool

I had to go to Ryan's school today to help the 6th grade class get do a project to prepare for their promotion at the end of the month. Allie went with me and spent the morning in Preschool with Ryan. We have been talking to Allie about starting preschool next year and each time we talk about it she has a different reaction. Sometimes she wants to go and sometimes she absolutely refuses to even consider it! Well today she went into the preschool room to visit and clung to my hand for the first few minutes. After we took a brief potty break, she was ready to get going and stay in the preschool class with her big brother while I went elsewhere in the building to work on the project! When I returned, the teachers said she had a great time and even participated in show and tell and snack time. She didn't want to leave!

The cutest part of the morning was Allison's outfit. We were in a hurry to get to the school on time today so I allowed her to just put her cinderella princess dress on over her green princess PJ bottoms and top. She then added her purple faux fur wrap around her shoulders, her purple princess dress up shoes and a big red bow in her messy hair! Needless to say, we got many comments on her outfit.


Tracy said...

HA-HA - I love it!! I noticed the outfit also...and thought that purple faux fur wrap around was a little dressy for Pre-school, but who am I to give fashion advise!

Actually, I can't wait until Jonas goes with me to the grocery store in his boots, shorts, button down shirt, and sporting his bike helmet. I'll be the first one to say...YEP...THAT'S MY KID!! :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, I get the biggest kick out of the crazy outfits they come up with! Jeff gets a little frustrated and can't believe that I let the kids out of the house wearing some things, but I think their crazy gear is cute. Plus it is fun to see how creative they can be when trying to dress themselves.