Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing with Grandma & Grandpa

Our visit last week with Grandma & Grandpa went way to fast! As always, Ryan was trying to bargain with grandma to have her leave his buddy grandpa behind with us. Allie would then get mad and say she wanted grandma to stay and send grandpa back to water the garden instead of sending grandma. In the end, both grandma and grandpa had to go home together!

Before grandma and grandpa left, they got to go fishing with Allie, Ryan, Jeff and I. There is a pond just across from our house. It is perfect, because our neighbor has been very nice and lets us go fish anytime we want. The pond is far enough away from our house we don't have to worry so much about the water snakes and thing on our property (although we have seen a few once in a while) and there is a fence that separates us from the pond so I don't worry as much about the kids wondering over there without us. So we all loaded up our barbie and nemo fishing poles (we are fishing experts around here you know!) and took the golf cart over to the pond. Allie, Ryan, grandpa and Jeff all caught fish! Allie had more fun directing grandpa on how to cast her barbie pole however! Before grandpa could cast a pole for her, she would issue a countdown like this: "1, 2, 3, FISHIES", in her loudest voice possible! I am thinking it may have been a warning to the fish to get outta the way!

Allie also became an official worm carrier/bait fetcher. At first she was afraid to touch the worms (can't say I blame her, they are gross), but after a while, she got over her fear and touched one. After that, you couldn't keep her from picking up and carrying around those worms!

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