Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wiffle ball

Jeff came home a little early this afternoon and we ended up playing a family wiffle ball game in the back yard for a little while before going out to dinner for my birthday. It was beautiful and a great game (except for when I got nailed in the face by a bad pitch - OUCH! A plastic ball can hurt!). We had 2 wiffle balls and are now down to one ball thanks to a catch by Buster that he then refused to give back to us! The kids and I chased him for quite a while (the dog thought it was a great game) while Jeff stood on the deck drinking a beer and watching the action (I think we probably looked like unsuccessful calf ropers) and laughing at us. Our game ended when Buster got ahold of the second ball. We did get it away from him, but decided to call the game because we were too tired from chasing the dog and didn't want have to do that anymore if he "fielded" another ball!

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rkreller said...

I too would have loved to see you three running after Buster.