Saturday, February 28, 2009

Date night for mom & Ryan

A tired Princess after dancing all evening!

She is not faking. Daddy carried her in and dropped her on the couch. I undressed her, took her flowers off and undid her hair. I then carried her up to bed and she stayed asleep.

Ryan's Picture of Jeff and I.

After Jeff and Allie left for their daddy daughter dance, Ryan and I got dressed up for our date/not a date night (Ryan didn't want me to call our outing a "date" but he did want to get dressed up like Allie and Daddy had done.). Ryan insisted on wearing a tie and since I had no clue how to tie it, we visited Howard and Connie to have Howard help us. Connie also took our picture so we could show you how we look all dressed up.

We ended up going to Pizza Hut and then came home and played card games for a while until daddy brought home a tired little princess who danced until the entire night, had a blast and then fell asleep on the way home.

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