Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance Photos

Allie was beyond excited about the daddy daughter dance! Daddy gave her a bath and then I dried and styled her hair (up in a pony at her request) while daddy showered. She kept grinning and giggling while I helped her get ready. She got to wear my make up and really like the blush, lip gloss and eye shadow I put on her. We then put on her party dress, tights and sparkly shoes long with her faux fur cape. She was spinning and dancing for us. Daddy gave her the flowers for her wrist and she was sooo proud! It was too cute. :)

My date and I are going to get dressed up (at his request - he even wants a tie) and go out to dinner. He mentioned the Country Club, but I think he then changed his mind and wants to go to Pizza Hut. We will try to get a picture of our date and post it later.

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