Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta love new toys with lots of pieces!

Jeff went shopping for my Birthday yesterday. O.K. not really shopping, he walked across the street from his office to the drug store/gift shop and purchased a couple of small things for me. No, it was not Ben Gay or any "old" people prescription drugs now that I am thirty. I was given a nice reed diffuser and a beautiful windchime (from the kids).

While on his massive shopping trip, Jeff picked up a gift for each of the kids, um, hellO? My Birthday? He bought them each Melissas and Doug puzzle with many pieces. Ryan's is a US puzzle so I am guessing it has at least 50 pieces (ya know, one for each state). ;)

Just want to say thanks, baby for the great gifts and the wonderful presents for the kiddos. Mama's gonna get a great work out this week on the floor picking up all those pieces! :)

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rkreller said...

But he did get you a great Valentines gift!