Friday, February 27, 2009

Missing keys.....

Even with a dirty face she seems innocent doesn't she. And with a shirt like Grandma's Angel who could even think that she might be have the missing keys!

My brain is missing. Last night I discovered I have misplaced my keys somewhere and so now I seem to spend all the time distracted looking for them, thus leading to distraction and misplacing other items and forgetting things! Jeff had to remind me that today was payday for both of us. And if you know me, I NEVER forget payday! :) I also almost forgot show and tell this morning. Hopefully I won't forget Ryan at preschool :)

I have gone over Wednesday in my mind a hundred times. I picked up the mail, picked Ryan up from preschool, ran to the accountants, ran to the dry cleaners and then stopped at the video store. I plan to start at the video store to see if I left them there.

I always laugh at those silly people who leave their keys behind. I mean, how did they drive off? Apparently with the spare set they also carry.

If I have not lost them at one of the places I went on Wednesday, I may have to start looking in Allie's stuff. She has had an obsession with my purse and wallet lately and is always trying to get a hold of them even though the purse is heavier than she is.

I have asked Allie if she knows where my keys are, but she doesn't seem to remember anything. Innocent as always :)

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