Sunday, November 22, 2009

A wedding

For the past month Allie has been getting married. At our house she enjoys dressing up her daddy and making him the groom. In fact, a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby she had to purchase a $3.00 bow tie so he could officially be her groom. As part of her wedding gear at our house she wears a crown of stars with tulle on the back and a white dress that had belonged to my flower girl when Jeff & I got married. She also has play rings, ear rings and necklaces to wear as well as a rag tag bunch of flowers she has to carry. We play the wedding march on CD and Ryan usually serves as the wedding coordinator by making snacks (usually crackers topped with canned cheese). During these weddings, Allie has asked me many times where my wedding dress is. Unfortunately, in a cleaning spurt last year, I threw my wedding dress away, because it was stained and ruined and I never figured I would have a use for it again.

WELL, Allie is at Grandma's this week and apparently at Grandma's house you get fun things to play with including Grandma's wedding dress and veil!

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rkreller said...

We had a wedding and you weren't here!! We had fun, as you can see in the pictures.