Monday, November 16, 2009

A busy Cheerleader and ball boy

Last week Ryan started his duties as official Ball Boy for the 2009 basketball season at the college. He and a couple of other friends get to help the team by handing out balls and collecting balls before each game and at half time. They also help by wiping the floors when there is any sweat left on them (not my idea of a fun job, but when you are a elementary school boy, I guess you think it is cool). The college had three home games in a row last week Thursday thru Saturday night, so Ryan spent a lot of time in the gym. Allie and I went to the games on Friday and Saturday night. Saturday evening Allie wore her cheerleading outfit that matches that we purchased to match the college girls and she stood on the sidelines and cheered with them. I really didn't expect Allison to cheer for the entire game, but she had a great time and the girls were wonderful to her. The cheer coach made sure that not only her uniform matched, but her pom poms and hair ribbon did too! She is already looking forward to our next home game this week :)


rkreller said...

You guys look pretty official. Happy basketball season.

Life Is Beautiful said...

SO cute! Looks like fun.