Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Resurrection eggs

I purchased a set of Resurrection eggs yesterday for our family to use during Lent. The kids really got into the advent wreath and reading the Bible passage and lighting the candles. They seem to be at that age where they find it interesting and are old enough to take it seriously and be respectful and listen when we read bible passages. We need to do this more often and I thought the resurrection eggs would be a great activity for us AND get us to do more bible study/reading with the kids. I only wish I had done some internet research prior to my purchase. If I had done my research I would have found the following great sites to guide me in making my own egg set! :( It seems pretty easy to make these. SO, if you decide to make your own here are a few different versions.







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Life Is Beautiful said...

Great idea, Jennifer! We use resurrection eggs as well, but I've never done them throughout the lenten season. There's a book called Benjamin's Box that is precious and goes well with the eggs. I'll email you the recipe for Resurrection Buns. We make them on Good Friday (or the day before Easter) and eat them on Easter morning. It's a hands on (and tasty) way for the kids to grasp the concept of resurrection.