Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture hanger, valentines display, memo holder craft idea

I came up with this idea for a memo/valentines/photo holder to to make in Ryan's Kindergarten class during their Valentines day party. I adhered and sanded the paper to the stick, glued on the clothes pin, drilled the holes and strung the wire on one side, punched and stamped the letters for each child then bagged and labeled the beads and letters for each student prior to going to the party. At the party the students used the glue dots to adhere their name then strung the beads and we attached the wire into the second hole in the stick. The craft took about 10 minutes for the kindergarten students to complete. The complete instructions for this are described below the blurry photos :)

To make the photo/memo holder you will need:
free paint stir sticks
some scrapbook paper,
paint sample cards,
staz on ink,
alphabet stampers or scrabble times ,
a martha stewart circle punch,
small clothes pins,
Modge Podge
Clear Craft glue
Drill with small drill bit
Glue dots
sand paper or file

I started out by tracing around the paint stick onto scrapbook paper. Then I cut out the shape and modge podged it onto the stick. Once it was dry and stuck on the paint stick I used sand paper to rough up the edges and take off any excess paper. Then I used my ink pad to "ink" the edges and front to make it look distressed. Once that was done and dry I used scrabble tile letters to add a name to the paint stick. On the class project I didn't have enough tile letters to spell all the children's names, so I simply used my Martha Stewart circle punch to punch out paint chips. I then used my stayz on ink to stamp a letter onto each circle to spell a child's name. I found the stayz on permanent ink worked best and didn't smear once it was dry. It did, however take a few minutes to dry so I recommend leaving the circle flat for a little while after you stamp the letter. I used glue dots to let the children adhere their circles to spell their names. To make this little craft into a picture hanger (or valentines display hanger) I used clear craft glue to adhere a miniature clothes pin at one end of each stick. Using a VERY small drill bit I drilled a hole at each end of the stir stick and strung floral wire into it and wrapped it around. The students then strung beads on the floral wire before we wrapped the other end.

The students used their fine motor skills to string the The students used their fine motor skills to string the beads, adhere their name circles and use the clip, as well name recognition and spelling to place their names on the stick. Plus they finished with a really CUTE craft! The best part for me was that I had all the supplies on hand (except the paint stir sticks that I had to ask for)!

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