Saturday, February 13, 2010

Catching up - Allie & grandpa going to daddy/daughter dance

Jeff had a Basketball game in January and was unable to take Allie to one of the two daddy/daughter dances she will attend this winter. SO, grandpa graciously agreed to fill in as Allie's date for the first Daddy/daughter ball! Grandpa bought Allie a beautiful corsage and they both dressed in their finest dance clothes for the occasion! Grandpa even carried Allie to his car so she wouldn't get her pretty dance shoes wet on the snowy/moist driveway. Prior to the dance grandpa took his "date" to the local mexican restraunt for some chicken nachos and burritos. Then they went to the big Event! They both had a blast and Allie is still talking about it almost a month later. She and grandpa danced and although she was worried grandpa would dance funny, he kept his promise to her and danced and nicely as he could the entire time! They shared cookies and punch and enjoyed fast and slow songs. Grandpa even requested that the DJ play single ladies (a favorite of Allie's).

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Life Is Beautiful said...

Oh my goodness...could that be any sweeter! Beautiful pictures.