Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sparkler Fun!

This was the first year we purchased real "fire" fireworks for the kids. I wasn't sure how they would like doing sparklers, snakes and smoke bombs, so we bought just a few to see if they liked it. We were finished in less than an hour and will probably have to make a trip into the fireworks stand again on Friday! They suprised me by really enjoying the fireworks. Looking at the last picture I just uploaded of Allie with the sparkler, I realized that it looks like it could have been me about 27 years ago! In this photo, she looks so much like I looked in a few photos when I was little!

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rkreller said...

Love your patriotic background. Yes, that does look like you in pictures we have of you at that age. I am sure we have some with sparklers being dramatically displayed by you. And it seems like only yesterday that it was you and Chris instead of Allie and Ryan. Where did the time go.