Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan's Basketball Camp

Ryan's attended his second basketball camp last week. It was the Tyro Christian Church Basketball Camp and was instructed by the ladies basketball team coaches from CCC. After the second day he had a little trouble with some friends at the camp and didn't want to go back. Jeff talked with him that evening and convinced him to continue the last two days of the camp and just focus on his basketball skills while he was there and not worry about socializing so much. His last two days of camp went much better.

I am glad he took Jeff's advice, because on Thursday when I picked him up from Jeff's office after the camp, he had won 2 trophies! He is only 5, and the camp starts with age 6, so they moved him up to the 6 year old group and he took 2nd in the free throw contest and won a trophy for a drill called the Mikan drill. I am very proud of him for sticking it out and enjoying the last two days of camp. The camp had a big attendance and it seemed like an excellent camp with focus onworking hard, working as a team and respecting God.

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