Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Teeth

Yesterday evening we went to swim and enjoy dinner with some other families we know. I was holding a friend's baby boy during dinner and made a comment to Allie that the little boy couldn't have my dinner because he didn't have any teeth. Allie really didn't say much at that moment.

Later in the evening when we were at home and it was time to go brush our teeth before bed, Allie told her daddy that she didn't want to brush her teeth. When Allie refuses to brush, Jeff always tells her that she needs to brush her teeth so that they don't fall out. She looked at Jeff and told him that she didn't want her teeth anymore and she wants them to fall out so she can be mommies baby! I told her I was just holding the baby boy at dinner and he wasn't my baby and he belonged to his momma. After a little more reassurance that she was indeed my baby, she went and brushed her teeth.

Too funny what kiddos think of!

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