Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staying cool while keeping warm!

We have our own Gas well which has been a real $$ saver over the past 8 years BUT can be a real worry when we have super frigid temperatures like we are having now. Each winter we worry about the gas well pipe freezing up and preventing us from keeping warm. Jeff and our neighbor take turns maintaining the pipe morning and evening by putting a gas line product in the system. Despite the effots, sometimes the line STILL freezes and we get a little chilly until the guys can thaw it out. Today Jeff brought home a small space heater to use in an emergency. It was the only heater he could find at our local Walmart. Every other heater had been puchased ~ AMAZING!

Following a long safety talk with the kiddos that went something like this: Don't touch, don't knock over, stay back and don't get too close, don't plug in by yourself, don't turn on by yourself,don't leave it running when we sleep,don't leave it running when we are out of the room, house or town, don't put toys on it, don't cook the dog with it, don't try to roast marshmellows with it, etc. (We tried to cover as many don'ts as we could think of, but we are sure the kiddos will find some don't we forgot to mention.) In fact if we did forget to mention something safety and common sense wise, please feel free to e-mail me so we can include that in our daily don't message to the kids. We fired up the lil' space heater and gave it a test run even though our house is still pretty toasty with the big heater running. The kiddos were instantly attracted to the bright orange heat (kind of like a bug to a lightbulb. Apparently the kids felt like they were in the warm summer sun while sitting in front of the heater because after about 2 or 3 minutes of sitting in front the heater the kids got up and got their sun glasses. This is how they looked staying cool while enjoying the heat.


rkreller said...

Looks like they are sun bathing in the lower picture. Hope you don't have to use it. Keep warm.

Life Is Beautiful said...

That's hilarious!!!!!