Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ball boy in the newspaper

Ryan spent a good part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a ball boy at the Jayhawk shoot out basketball tournament. In fact he didn't get home until well after midnight on Saturday. During halftime and between games he enjoyed shooting baskets on the court. Apparently he also enjoyed the hospitality room. Judging by the frequent visits he made to the Hospitality room check out goodies, he seems to take after his grandfather who was a former athletic director for so many years he knew which tournament offered the best food in their hospitality rooms!

This morning I opened the paper to find Ryan's picture on the front page. He and his friend were photographed courtside eating oranges while watching the game.


Life Is Beautiful said...

What a great experience for Ryan!

rkreller said...

Have you kept track of the times he has had his picture in the paper?