Friday, August 14, 2009

What a Busy Week!

Wow! What a busy week it has been here! We started off the week with me officially going back to work. My back to school meetings started this week and left Jeff and I trying to coordinate babysitters and work schedules. We really appreciated the help we got from our two babysitters Taylor & Ashley. They came out to our house early in the morning to watch the kids for a couple of days and really helped us out!

Wednesday evening Allison started her dance classes and she LOVED them!

After dance class on Wednesday we went out the the fair and rodeo in town where Allison, who was still in her dance outfit, got to get on the mechanical bull and ride!

The kids also stuffed themselves with midway food, played carnival games and rode real miniature ponies.

By the way grandma, they are trying to convince their daddy that they need a horse.

Tonight we took the kids to the kiddie park in Bartlesville for the first time. Some teachers I now work with were talking about how neat the park is and encouraged us to go. It was such a nice evening and we had a great time! We all rode the Aquarius together and Ryan enjoyed turning us in circles until I thought I was going to be sick! Ryan was nervous about tackling the larger roller coaster since he is afraid of heights and was unsure how fast and high it might seem to go, but he was brave and tried it with his dad and I and then LOVED it! After that, we couldn't get him away from the larger roller coaster! And Allie even met a little boy we didn't know at the park who was two and a half. He wanted to hold her hand and ride the rides with her. He even gave her a ticket (even though she had her own) so she would ride the little roller coaster with him! Then he held her hand and walked to the little roller coaster with her. At the little roller coaster he let her go in first and then tried to help her get on the coaster. But, since Miss Allison is a 90's woman, she refused the assistance up into the seat of the coaster and walked the little ramp without his help :) When it was about time to go, they hugged and said good bye! And as a final note: Yes, Allie is dressed like we live in the Arctic North. She had on normal summer clothes appropriate for this time of year and the 80-90 degree weather we had today. BUT, when we were eating supper in Bartlesville she spilled on herself. The only extra clothes we had with us were the ones that had come in the back to school care packets that Grandma & Grandpa Kreller had sent us in the mail today, so long that is why Allie is looking oh so stylish in her long sleeves and pants in these summertime photos!

School starts Monday for Ryan and Tuesday for Allison and I, so I am sure things won't slow down here anytime soon!

P.S. ~ Grandma & Grandpa there are more video clips and images from the past week in our dropshots account if you want to view them!


rkreller said...

I have waited for some new posts. These are great pictures. So glad you had a good time with the kids the last week before school. Can't wait to see you guys.

Life Is Beautiful said...

Whew! You DID have a busy week but it looks like there was plenty of fun to be had.