Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guess who is going to have the hardest time?

It is now August. The countdown is starting. In 17 days the house will be busy every morning and we will all be rushing off to school. No more lazy mornings of breakfast and snacks on the couch in front of the TV. Over the past few days I have realized that the one who is going to have the hardest time with all of this isn't even going to be attending school.

It is true, that over the years I have learned to loath mornings, especially the early ones. But, I will eventually get in the groove and be o.k.

As for Allison, she will have a hard time getting up and rushing around to get ready. Over the next few weeks we will probably find Allison falling asleep in every corner at any given moment.

Being a 2 year preschool veteran, Ryan has become used to early morning wake up calls from his daddy. But now he will be attending school every day all day in Kindergarten and will probably also fall asleep early each evening.

Jeff is our get up and go man who enjoys the mornings. He will keep us all on the move and make sure everyone gets out the door on time!

So, who is going to have a hard time with this new morning routine?

Buster has become very used to hanging out on the couch in the morning with the kids. He is loves to snuggle with the kids and hang out with them while they watch TV. I think he will be a little lonely when school starts!

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rkreller said...

Oh, I thought you were going to say Grandma!! I always looked at the clock and thought about what Ryan and you were doing it that time. He would either be just getting out of school or going to school. Now I have to think of all of you and what you all will be doing at different times of the day.
Poor Buster. Will he get to stay in or have to go out?