Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's tough being a beauty queen

Allie wanted a haircut and needed a haircut. So after picking Ryan up at basketball camp, the kids and I headed to Bartlesville to get haircuts for both of them. Usually we just go to the mall and stop in somewhere to get their haircuts. This time we found a place that does kids cuts. Ryan got to play a video game while getting his haircut and Allie watched some TV while getting her haircut. Actually, she watched TV until she started to doze off and slip forward. Then I had to get into the chair and hold her on my lap while they finished cutting her hair. The poor little thing had been so excited to get her haircut and pulled up into piggies then, she fell asleep before they could finish. When her haircut was getting started, she kept reminding the styliest that she wanted 2 piggies. I ended up holding her head so they could finish cutting her bangs and then made sure the put 2 piggies into her hair. When she woke up I don't know if she realized her hair was in piggies. Later in the evening we went up to her room so she could change her clothes and she looked in her mirror and exclaimed "look at my piggies".


rkreller said...

Oh how cute! You should have taken a picture of her piggies when she realized she had them.

Emily said...

Wow, I wish I could fall asleep during my haircuts and wake up to exactly what I wanted. What a cutie!