Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The boy who cried wolf....

Tonight on the way home from Ryan's baseball game I caught him not telling the truth about taking the straw out of his sister's drink. Telling little untruths has become a habit for him, so I started to tell a choppy version of the boy who cried wolf. I don't really remember the original version, but told in my version, I said there was a little boy who was a sheep farmer and he was supposed to watch the sheep and keep them safe from the wolf. He would pretend the wolf was coming and cry out and people would come to help and he would laugh. Then I told him that one day a wolf really came, but because he had pretended and told untruths so often, no one believed him and they didn't come to help save his sheep and the wolf ate them. Ryan looks at me after the story and says "well the sheep should have stayed safe in the barn.". Allie then starts making sheep/horse type noises to add effect. Then Ryan considers the situation for a moment and asks me how many sheep there were. I responded with 15. He then begins to wonder how the wolf could eat 15 sheep. Then he starts to feel sad for the sheep who were eaten and scared that it might be a true story and that sheep in the area are in danger of being eaten by a wolf!! Somehow he missed the point of the story (even after I repeatedly explained what I was trying to tell him about how it can be harmful to tell untruths).

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