Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 4 of 365

Wow! This is only Day 4 of the project. It could be interesting to see how many days I actually remember to complete. Yesterday was such a COLD day! Jeff helped me out by getting on the ladder and removing the last of the wallpaper in our bedroom. I had all the lower parts of the wallpaper removed a few months ago, but my fear of heights prevented me from removing the upper areas! So, now I can find my motivation (and time) to paint the walls. The second picture is of the stickie notes I have placed around the house to remind me to take a photo for the 365 project. This note is on my computer. Yesterday I spent time organizing my 2008 family photos. I am bad about placing on the computer, burning a disc and not sorting through them. So, I now have everything sorted and labeled. For 2009 I hope to try to keep them more organized right off the bat and not have to backtrack and delete duplicates and things! Big plans, big hopes, for me in 2009 :)

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