Friday, January 9, 2009


Inspired by a photographer I recently met who does awesome still life photography and renewed communication with my cousin Jeff who has once again picked up a camera to create amazing still life photography, I went out today to shoot some nature in my own backyard. Although we are in the dead of winter, I did manage to get some interesting angles and shots.


rkreller said...

Jen, Where is this at in your yard? Is it in the back by the tracks? I love the picture. I think it would be a beautiful picture on the wall.

Jennifer said...

Like it? For a small fee, it is for sale :)

These were back by the fence line in our yard.

I have some more things from today that I will try to post later.

My helper (Miss Allie) walked around with me until she got tired and had to be carried back (that kind of ended the shooting for the evening, which was fine because the sun was going down for the day (I'll post those photos later).