Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Counting Bears

Over the past few months I have purchased many school items for the kids to help them learn while they are at home. One of the items I bought was a set of counting bears, because Ryanhad begged for them and because his preschool teacher had mentioned that he enjoyed playing with them so much in her class. The counting bears get a lot of use, but I bet you will never guess what they get used for!

Are you ready?

They are used for.......Football! Ryan divides these up into different colored teams and plays games with them on our livingroom floor. While I was taking these pictures, there was a "player" injured and the trainers and coaches were circled around him to fix him up (note the orange injured bear tipped upside down).


rkreller said...

He use to do that with the large lego blocks when he was much younger.

Life Is Beautiful said...

LOVE it! That's hilarious.